About us

aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise Island located on Dhoores island in Dhaalu Atoll is the ultimate Nature’s holiday destination in the Maldives. The island has features both above and underwater that make this one of the most beautiful islands in this atoll. Designed and developed using local architectural components, this is the ultimate eco-resort featuring minimalistic designs, incorporating the concept of harmonizing the real Maldivian Nature’s with all the necessary amenities. The island is a mere 8 hectare jewel located on the northern part of Dhaalu atoll, just 30 minutes seaplane ride from Male’. Unlike most other resorts, aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise features Maldivian style eco-bungalows designed and built with a combination of local materials that blend with her natural environment. Majority of the island has been kept untouched to provide the guest up-close-and-personal the ‘typical’ island paradise that is the Maldives. The thick forest of the island has been virtually untouched through which guests can wonder and experience what a real Nature’s paradise in Maldives is like. Relax in one of our unique tree-top relaxing platforms or at the Nature’s discovery decks just above the water. When you feel like being close to Nature’s, come to aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise for a holiday experience that will take your breath away.