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Exclusive Eco-Resorts Dotting the Maldivian Isles


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Our Services

Resort Design

Crafting eco-friendly resorts that blend with the Maldivesʼ natural beauty.

Project Build

We construct your dream resort with precision and care for our planet.

Resort Care

Ensuring top-notch service and maintenance for a seamless guest experience.

Our Core Values

At Aaaveee Private Limited, we are more than a company; we are guardians of paradise. Our passion is crafting eco-conscious havens that celebrate the Maldivesʼ enchanting beauty. Every resort is a testament to our dedication to sustainability, luxury, and creating unforgettable experiences for every guest. Join us on this journey to excellence.


Pure bliss! The attention to detail and eco-friendly design made our stay unforgettable. A true paradise!
Aaaveee transformed our vacation into a luxurious adventure. Their commitment to the environment is inspiring!
The perfect blend of elegance and nature. Every aspect of the resort was curated for comfort and sustainability.

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